Gránit Bank

+ 36 151 0052 7
Lechner Ödön fasor, 8, 1095, Budapest

As part of the modernization of the Hungary's financial system, in 1985, the National Bank of Hungary and the Ministry of Finance, together with several business organizations decided to establish a bank called ÁVB Rt. In June 1999, the bank was granted an universal banking license and expanded its activities in the field of investment banking and stock trading.
Since May 7, 2010, the bank has been operating as Gránit Bank. It provides a full range of services for individuals and legal entities. Hungarian State has a 51% of stakes.


Available currencies: HUF, EUR, USD, CHF

For individuals

Debit cards

Credit cards


Current accounts and transactions

For companies

Bank safes and safe deposit boxes


Debit cards



Credit cards


Real estate transactions

Current accounts and transactions

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