Československá Obchodná Banka

+ 421 2 5966 8844
Michalská 18, 81563, Bratislava

Československá Obchodná Banka was established by the state in 1964 as a bank providing services on foreign trade financing and convertible currency operations. In June 1999, it was privatized and the majority owner of the Belgian KBC bank, which is a part of KBC Group, and in 2007, KBC Bank became its sole shareholder. In 2006, Financial Group ČSOB (ČSOB Financial Group) was established with the aim to concentrate all its subsidiaries together. By the end of 2007, the bank had operated in the Czech and Slovak market. The Slovak branch of the Department 1 January 2008. ČSOB provides its services to all customer segments, that is, individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, corporate and institutional customers, as well as private banking services.

Web-site: www.csob.sk

Available currencies: CZK, SEK, AUD, CAD, CHF, GBP, USD, NOK, HUF, PLN, DKK, JPY

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Currency operations


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Current accounts and transactions

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Current accounts and transactions

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