Advice #273

How to buy apartment in Czech Republic

It is very easy to buy an apartment in the Czech Republic. Enter the real estate section of the largest Czech search engine Seznam, select the object you like and contact the buyer, agree on a visiting. In order to become the owner of the apartment, house or castle (they are inexpensive) in the Czech Republic, a residence permit is not necessary, just Russian or Ukrainian passport. If you hesitate about...

Czech Republic 
24 July 2015 3618
Advice #272

How can the foreign investor receive the Cypriot citizenship?

Consider the question of citizenship in Cyprus, as an exception under subsection 111A, paragraph (2) of the Law on Civil Registry on 2002-2013. On 03/19/2014 on the basis of the above-mentioned legal act Ministerial Council issued decision on the setting criteria and conditions for Cyprus citizenship receiving by foreign investors. In order for a foreign investor receives citizenship in Cyprus, it...

11 August 2015 3392
Advice #271

Opening of an account in the Swiss Bank revisited…

Whatever you say, and despite all the efforts of international organizations, despite the many new intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements on information exchange and on legal aid, Switzerland will have been remaining one of the most attractive countries for allocation a substantial portion of their funds saved against rainy days for each second businessman of this or that part of the world for a...

17 August 2015 4409
Advice #270

Contextual thinking as an efficient consulting criterion

Trade motto of one of the Big Four firms is the slogan «connectedthinking» What does it mean? Only one proficiency in English is probably not enough to understand the logic of marketing experts of well-known company. But if you try to rely on the spirit of the consulting business itself ... Ideally, the Consultant is a person who knows "what is the best way to", "what is the right way to" and "how to"...

17 August 2015 2599
Advice #269

How to receive a permanent resident status in Norway?

Having taken a Norwegian identification number, you can apply to the police for receiving the permanent resident status in three years. The main requirement for a permanent resident status resident status is knowledge of the Norwegian language. Accordingly, the applicant will have to pass examination (in addition to the language, you must also pass Social Studies) and receive a certificate of successful...

11 August 2015 2988
Advice #268

How to receive a residence permit in Norway?

Nobody is given a residence permit in Norway. Instead, any foreigner who intends to live in the country more than six months must obtain Norwegian 11-digit identification number. It is issued by the Foreigners Office if the applicant can provide a reason for residence and confirm the fact of his residence in Norway during the last six months (such confirmation may be the D category visa). To receive an...

11 August 2015 3017
Advice #267

How to register a company in Norway?

There is favorable climate for the business organization in Norway. But along with this there are strict rules that must be followed registering the company. First, you must decide what the company specialization will be. It is required to obtain permission to conduct any kind of business - from trade to fishing in Norway. This determines what section of the Norwegian Register of Companies you have to...

11 August 2015 2837
Advice #266

How to receive a mortgage in Norway?

Norway has a flourishing mortgage system and local banks are willing to provide a real estate loan to both individuals and legal entities. And the procedure of registration of a mortgage loan for foreigners is almost similar to the standard one. Perhaps the only difference is the requirement to work for a year in Norway, before applying for a loan, and present a certificate about it to a bank. Another...

11 August 2015 3567
Advice #265

How to issue a debit card in Norway?

It is difficult to live in Norway without a local debit card. Most of the restaurants, shops and hotels accept foreign cards, often by charging a fee for their use. But most Norwegian supermarkets and gas stations work only with local cards. So the need for Norwegian debit card receiving is understandable. In most cases, the Norwegian banks issue debit card simultaneously with the opening of the account....

11 August 2015 3021
Advice #264

How to open an account in Norway?

Norwegian banks offer foreigners a great variety of banking packages, and when you open an account it is important to take this into account. The benefits of such packages can include lower interest rates on the loan, higher interest rates on savings accounts, free of service credit cards, discounts on registration of insurance and much more. Also, do not forget that for Norwegian banks charging a small fee...

24 July 2015 5201

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