Advice #263

How to choose a bank in Norway?

Historically, there was a strong banking system in Norway. The oldest commercial bank in the country is Storebrand Bank, founded in 1767. The oldest savings bank is Sparebanken Vest, founded in 1823.There are altogether three types of banks: commercial, savings and foreign. A distinctive feature of Norwegian banks is their absolute integrity in the world of high technology. Therefore, there are banks...

24 July 2015 3654
Advice #262

How to receive a mortgage in Bulgaria?

Making mortgage in Bulgaria can take a lot of time: candidates make run around different instances, stay in line, and in general, drown you in paperwork. To avoid this, you can contact one of the law companies dealing only with mortgage. A lawyer will cost on the average 2400 lev (about 1200 Euros). We must add to this the registration fee of 400-600 lev (200-300 Euros), which is not refundable if the loan...

24 July 2015 2389
Advice #261

How to issue a debit card in Bulgaria?

All types of debit cards including contactless are spread in Bulgaria. Banks issue international debit card V PAY, and Visa Cash back, but most popular cards in the country are Maestro cards. Selecting the right service package, you must remember that some types of debit cards are issued only for residents of Bulgaria. The bank opens the card alongside with the opening of the account. However, it is...

24 July 2015 2810
Advice #260

How to open account in Bulgaria?

To open an account in a Bulgarian Bank, it is not necessary to be a resident, but it is advisable to do this in one of the major cities - Sofia, Burgas, Plovdiv or Varna. Other cities are less likely to meet English-speaking clerk. To open the account you will only need your passport and proof of residence in Bulgaria - in the latter case, paid utility bills will be suitable. In addition, the client...

26 July 2015 5709
Advice #259

How to choose a Bank in Bulgaria?

The banking sector in Bulgaria is not as well developed as in most Western European countries. State banks were privatized only in 2000, and many of them still have signs of developed socialism: the reluctance to communicate with customers and provide them with the documents in any other language than Bulgarian, sluggishness and weak knowledge of modern technology. The latter is especially critical for...

26 July 2015 3209
Advice #258

How to register a company in Bulgaria?

Despite the apparent ease, opening a company in Bulgaria leads to the familiarity with the local bureaucracy. First, there is no single set of rules for the company registration for foreigners: applicants have to complete paper made especially for the country from which they came. Second, before registering, you should decide what type of company you are about to access: for each type need to complete a...

26 July 2015 2581
Advice #257

How to receive permanent residence in Bulgaria?

The conduct private business in Bulgaria for five years is the basis for granting permanent residence. Before submitting all the documents you need to provide data migration service that the applicant had received up to that time long-term residence permit for five years continuously and legally lived in the country and was absent during this time in the country for no longer than 30 months. A good...

26 July 2015 2622
Advice #256

How to receive a residence permit in Bulgaria?

The grounds for granting residence permit in Bulgaria is to buy real estate in the amount of 600 thousand BGN (300 thousand Euro), or investment in poor and disadvantaged areas of the country from 250 thousand BGN (125 thousand Euro). Bulgaria grants a residence permit to people who have a work permit from the Ministry of labour and social policy of the country, or opening their own company, able to provide...

26 July 2015 2617
Advice #255

How to register a company in Greece?

Many businessmen that have passed the procedure of registering a private company in Greece, complaining about the local bureaucracy. In addition, indeed: in Greece often ignore modern technology, and what can be done in a few minutes, results in hours of paperwork and standing in queues. Upon incorporation, the alien will need to get the appropriate references in the Greek tax service, pension Fund and...

26 July 2015 2413
Advice #254

How to receive mortgage in Greece?

Before the financial crisis, interest rates on mortgage loans in Greece were relatively low at 5%-6% per year. Nevertheless, to date, they have jumped almost half, and to be 9% -10% per year. The banks often make loans in the amount of 60% of the cost of housing: this means that in the hands of the applicant should be almost half the amount required.The mortgage loan requires additional expenses. The...

26 July 2015 2389

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