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How to release a debit card in Greece?

Greek banks issue debit cards on the day of account opening. The application must specify which type of card you want, and literally, within a few minutes the card will be issued and handed out together with the envelope with the PIN code. In Greece there are all types of debit cards. Common and prepaid cards for online purchases: the Bank binds them to account, and may issue, together with a standard debit...

26 July 2015 2479
Advice #252

How to open an account in Greece?

To open a Greek Bank account is quite easy. However, before that, the alien will need to get the local equivalent of individual tax numbers - Arithmo Forologiko Mitro or AFM. Receipt of this document does not require a residence permit - just enough to show the passport and birth certificate at the nearest branch of the tax service of Greece.Those who at the time of opening the account has not yet managed...

26 July 2015 4167
Advice #251

How to choose a Bank in Greece?

Because of the financial crisis, many foreign banks have closed their branches in Greece. Of the remaining lead HSBC and Citibank, providing customers with the widest possible package of services. As for Greek banks, the largest now are Alpha Bank, Eurobank Ergasias Bank, National Bank of Greece and Piraeus Bank.Most Greek banks are open from 08:00 to 14:30 and never on weekends. However, there are several...

27 July 2015 3407
Advice #250

How to receive permanent residence permit in Greece?

Since 2013, the foreigners living in Greece are eligible to apply for permanent residence if they are going to do business in the country and invest in the local economy. Moreover, in comparison with many other Western European countries, the price is relatively low: the applicant will have to pay not less than 300 thousand euros at a time. Another option is to find a way to make annual investments in the...

27 July 2015 2558
Advice #249

How to receive residence permit in Greece?

To receive Greek residence permit is quite difficult: most sites say it is impossible to do without marriage with a citizen of Greece. However, large-scale financial crisis has led to the fact that the country has opened up the possibility of obtaining a residence permit to people who are ready to buy Greece property and is able to confirm their regular income. However, time on paperwork will take a...

27 July 2015 2493
Advice #247

How to receive mortgage in Ireland?

Ireland generously gives mortgages to foreigners. However, to ensure that the Bank considered the possibility of registration of the mortgage, the applicant must have resided in the country for at least four years. Another condition for cooperation with one of the local law firms that will undertake all the necessary checks and enter into contracts in the transaction.Irish banks are ready to give the...

26 July 2015 2501
Advice #246

How to release a debit card in Ireland?

Until recently, Ireland had its own system of debit cards - the so-called Laser Card. Nevertheless, now the country has gone to work with debit and credit cards Visa. In most cases, a debit card issued by Bank free in the package of the contract issued to the client after account opening. Depending on the type of package agreement, the Bank may ask the client to Deposit certain amount (usually around 500...

26 July 2015 2294
Advice #245

How to open an account in an Irish Bank?

To open an account in an Irish Bank it is not more difficult than in the banks in many other countries. However, the features in the banking system of Ireland. For example, opening an account usually takes quite a long time (from three weeks to a month and a half). Therefore, when submitting the application, you should be patient.Irish banks require from the applicant a standard package of documents: the...

26 July 2015 3539
Advice #244

How to choose a Bank in Ireland?

Two of the largest Bank in Ireland are AIB and Bank of Ireland. There are representative offices of foreign banks in the country, of course, but they are not as many as I would like.When choosing a Bank you should pay attention to some local peculiarities. Therefore, not all Irish banks issue debit cards at the same time with opening of the account. Some banks offer relatively high interest rates for cash...

26 July 2015 2829
Advice #243

How to register a company in Ireland?

Ireland is a good place for doing business. Corporate tax is low here; in addition, Ireland is the only English speaking member country of the European currency area.To register the company in Ireland, foreigners must submit to the Ministry of justice the application for a permit to conduct business. You must also enter one of two programs designed for foreign businesspersons: the program business...

26 July 2015 2345

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