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How to receive residence permit in Ireland?

To receive residence permit in Ireland it is not as difficult as it seems, although, of course, has its price. Therefore, when you receive a residence permit based on doing business, the authorized capital of the future company must be not less than 300 thousand euros. The higher it is, the more likely it is that the period of the first residence permit will be three years instead of six months.Good help in...

26 July 2015 2835
Advice #240

How to get permanent residence in Malta?

Malta does not provide permanent residence for indefinite period. However, foreign nationals wishing to emigrate to the island can get the citizenship of the country. It is provided solely on the basis of contributions and investment in the Malta's economy. There are several options for the size and format of such contributions: at least EUR 150 thousand in stocks, bonds, secured debt obligations of the...

24 July 2015 2618
Advice #239

How to get a residence permit in Malta?

Malta does not provide a residence permit in the usual sense. Instead, the foreigners can apply for long-term resident status. It is provided for five years. Global Resident Program (GRP), designed exclusively for the citizens of those countries that are not EU members has been in place in Malta since 2013. It provides an opportunity to obtain the resident status to people who have bought property on the...

24 July 2015 2529
Advice #238

How to register a company in Malta?

The most common types of business in Malta private company limited by shares and individual entrepreneurship. In the first case, you will have to spend a lot of time on paperwork, but it's worth it, because the conditions of doing business on the island are the most favourable. To register a private company, you need to join one of the business programs operating in Malta, apply for registration of the...

24 July 2015 2524
Advice #237

How to get a mortgage in Malta?

As regards the mortgage loans, many Maltese banks are conservative and prefer to avoid dealing with the foreigners. However, some are ready to provide loans to customers without a Maltese citizenship. You should use the services of financial advisors to choose the appropriate bank from the list of those who work with the foreigners. The foreigners can apply for a mortgage loan at a rate of 80% (in some...

24 July 2015 2429
Advice #236

How to issue a debit card in Malta?

Maltese banks issue debit card simultaneously with the opening of the current or savings account. It can be obtained free of charge at the bank department or yoy can order home delivery for an extra charge (EUR 10-20 depending on the bank). No minimum deposit is required for the issue of debit cards. Debit card servicing in Malta is fairly cheap - EUR 7-10 per year. Some banks (for example, Banif) do not...

24 July 2015 2532
Advice #235

How to choose a bank in Malta?

Malta is an international banking centre and a real financial hub of the entire Mediterranean. Banking activities are regulated and controlled by the Malta Financial Services Association (MFSA). The Central Bank of Malta heads the entire banking system of the island. Malta has opened many banks, including international representative offices. The oldest and largest banks in Malta are considered to Bank...

24 July 2015 2883
Advice #234

How to open an account in Malta?

Maltese banks spend a lot of effort to attract customers. Many of them have a variety of package offers. In addition, local banks often introduce their own incentive systems: some "tie" travel and other types of insurance to the accounts, offer discounts for accommodation in partner hotels, shopping in partner shops, etc.Local bankers are favourably disposed to opening of accounts by the foreigners. It is...

24 July 2015 4331
Advice #233

How to register a company in Portugal?

Portugal is a country with one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. Therefore, foreign businessmen who are willing to establish their company here are welcome. Recently the level of the famous Portuguese bureaucracy has greatly decreased, and now you can register your company in a day through the Internet (assuming you know the Portuguese language). When establishing a company you should take into...

24 July 2015 2644
Advice #232

How to get permanent residence in Portugal?

The procedure for registration of permanent residence in Portugal is not much different from obtaining a temporary residence permit. The main condition for this is the availability of  considerable resources with the applicant and willingness to invest in the Portuguese economy. For the foreigners, there are three ways: acquisition of real estate in the amount of EUR 500 thousand, EUR 1 million on the...

24 July 2015 2659

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