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How to release a debit card in Cyprus?

Cypriot banks are unexpected variety of offers of debit cards (unlike current accounts). Every major Bank has a line of almost a dozen variants: cards for young people, frequent flyer (miles), for football fans, a few local clubs, as well as regular, gold, platinum and prepaid cards.It is not difficult to get a card when you open a current account or later to fill out the form, any restrictions on the user...

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Advice #208

How to choose a Bank in Cyprus?

In Cyprus there are only two local commercial universal Banks, in addition there are several offices and branches of foreign banks and rural cooperative Bank, focused on serving local clients. The largest in assets and other indicators is the Bank of Cyprus Bank of Cyprus (Bank of Cyprus), it controls about a quarter of deposits and about 40% of the loans.The second  one is Hellenic Bank, its share is 13%...

26 July 2015 3066
Advice #207

How to open an account in Cyprus?

It is possible to open a Bank account in Cyprus both being on the island, and in Moscow, representative office of the Bank of Cyprus (it is a private Bank, despite the name). Any obstacles for citizens of Russia are not arise, you only need to bring your passport, and proof of the existence of an account in any Russian Bank.If the account is opened through the Moscow office, you will have to put about 200...

26 July 2015 4999
Advice #206

How to register a company in Cyprus?

Business registration in Cyprus in the interests of clients engaged in hundreds ecological companies on the island and abroad. The full procedure cost about 2-2.5 thousand euros, including all payments to the state. If the Registrar asks for much less, is nothing more than bait advertising (then still have to pay extra), if there is an attempt to get unreasonably high profits.If you wish, you can register a...

26 July 2015 3837
Advice #205

How to receive permanent residence in Hungary?

Aliens who have legally lived in the country for at least three years may receive the right to permanent residence in Hungary, not leaving it without the urgent need (documented) more than 45 days per year.In addition, as in the case of receiving residence permit, you must provide to the immigration authority proof of sufficient income (it is not formally defined, but it is believed that amounts of about...

27 July 2015 2588
Advice #204

How to receive residence permit in Hungary?

In Hungary, unlike other European countries, the availability of real estate is a major reason for receiving temporary residence permit. Residence permit in this case is not issued automatically, but when the formalities of the particular problems with receiving it should not be. Moreover, sufficient may prove even the existence of a contract of lease of housing. The basis for receiving residence permit may...

27 July 2015 3335
Advice #203

How to register a company in Hungary?

The process of business registration in Hungary for potential entrepreneurs is extremely simplified. All training registration are only lawyers with the relevant law. The most common form of small business in the country - Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag (KFT), i.e. the limited liability company. A founder of KFT may be one person, he can be a Director.The founders of the firm inform the lawyer who will be...

27 July 2015 2657
Advice #202

How to receive mortgage in Hungary?

Receiving mortgage in Hungary for the Russians is possible, though not very profitable compared to other European countries. The Hungarian savings Bank (member of the Russian group) gives the Russians the mortgage loans on the following terms: currency - forints; amount - up to 50% of the property value, up to 20 million forints (66 thousand Euro); rate - variable, BUBOR (about 2% at the beginning of 2015)...

27 July 2015 3696
Advice #201

How to release a debit card in Hungary?

A debit card in Hungarian banks may be issued to customers within a batch of contracts for services and are not paid separately. However, if you wish, you can order an additional card, paying for the annual service. No problem for foreigners to receive a card, no documents, except the passport, is required. In some cases, it may be necessary local mailing address to send the finished card.In Hungary maps to...

27 July 2015 2306
Advice #200

How to open an account in Hungary?

Any foreigner can open a Bank account in the Hungarian without any problems and restrictions. All you will need is your passport and proof of your legal residency status in the country. The procedure takes from one to several hours, so you can usually stay within one working day.When filling out the questionnaire may need to specify the address of residence in Hungary - fit including temporary address....

27 July 2015 4585

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