Advice #199

How to choose a Bank in Hungary?

The Hungarian banking system consists of the OTP Bank, a group of smaller banks owned by foreign financial groups, and two or three dozens of small specialized banks. Banks work with the local currency - the Forint - the Euro and other convertible currencies. Hungarian banks are loyal to the customers from developing countries: it is much easier to open an account here than in most countries of Europe.The...

02 September 2015 4574
Advice #191

How to receive permanent residence permit in Denmark?

The right to permanent residence in Denmark is granted to those who has lived in the country based on a residence permit for at least five years and meets several criteria:has no criminal record; has no overdue debts to the state (mainly talking about taxes as well as received and not refunded the social security payments that exceed the prescribed size). Debts to the banks, and so not taken into account;...

26 July 2015 2361
Advice #190

How to receive residence permit in Denmark?

Unlike other European countries, Denmark has several specialized programs (here they are called “schemes”) of immigration based on getting a job or opening a business. Each of these schemes has its own set of requirements documents and the identity of the foreigner applying for a residence permit. A green card (work permit) can get high-qualified professionals seeking work in Denmark. If a...

26 July 2015 3298
Advice #186

How to register a company in Denmark?

Registration of analogue closed joint-stock company in Denmark (Anpartsselskab) in the presence of the required documents is extremely easy, and if the applicant is a Danish id, this can be done online, on the website of the registering authority (VIRK). Notarization of the agreement on the establishment of the company and other similar procedures are not required.Prerequisite - the payment of the share...

26 July 2015 2958
Advice #185

How to release a debit card in Denmark?

In Denmark, banks issue three types of debit cards. The simplest and usually free - cash card of a particular Bank. With its help, you can only withdraw money from ATMs. For payments in local stores and receive crowns used in ATMs also usually free card Dankort, which is produced by almost all banks. It operates only in Denmark and in selected stores in the German city of Flensburg (it is located on the...

26 July 2015 2351
Advice #184

How to choose a Bank in Denmark?

Denmark has about hundreds of private banks, including commercial, savings, mortgage and foreign. However, the overwhelming share of transactions (about 80%) are in the “big four”: Danske Bank, Nordea Bank Danmark, Jyske Bank and Nykredit.While Danske and Nordea are large international universal banks, Jyske is the classic “third” Bank that prefers to work in regions with retail...

26 July 2015 2629
Advice #177

How to receive permanent residence permit in Finland?

Anyone legally residing in its territory can receive permanent residence in Finland when following certain formal rules: minimum 4 years of living on long-term residence permit (category A); presence in the country for more than two years in last 4 years; preservation of reasons has been received for a long period of residence permit.In fact, for the Russians, who came to Finland on a business visa...

26 July 2015 2646
Advice #176

How to receive residence permit in Finland?

Residence permit in Finland can be received by people hired by the company in that country; those wishing to start a business in Finland, students are here and some other categories of immigrants, and members of their families.The traditional way of obtaining residence permits for Russians - business emigration, i.e. the business activity in Finland. To obtain a business visa little one desires to do...

26 July 2015 2649
Advice #175

How to register a company in Finland?

From the point of view of business registration Finland is not as open as most other European countries. There are restrictions for nationals and residents of third countries, including the Russians - they have to receive special permission for individual entrepreneurship and the opening partnership.The most affordable for Russians form the company in Finland is considered a private limited company...

26 July 2015 2515
Advice #174

How to receive mortgage in Finland?

Receiving mortgage in Finland by a Russian-non-resident is an extremely difficult task, although it is theoretically solvable. Finnish banks are extremely wary of are borrowers who buy an apartment or a house for permanent residence, as well as to foreigners. However, even if the credit is to be issued, its terms will be much more stringent than for citizens of Finland or at least permanently residing on...

26 July 2015 2338

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