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How to release a debit card in Estonia?

Despite the small banking market in Estonia, offering debit cards in banks is quite wide and varied. The card may be issued when you open a current account or subscribe to a certain package of services, and separately, by opening a special Bank account. The opening of additional or separate from the main account initial cards and the “classic” level will cost the client the largest banks in...

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Advice #145

How to choose a Bank in Estonia?

In Estonia a total of eight banks operating deposit accounts and individuals, with the bulk of the market is controlled by only two universal institution: Swedbank AS (about 50 branches, half in Tallinn) and SEB Pank AS (more than 20 offices, 7 of them in Tallinn). In addition, there are small local banks and specialized organizations with a banking license, mainly engaged in lending or servicing of legal...

26 July 2015 3863
Advice #144

How to open a Bank account in Estonia?

Opening a Bank account in Estonia for the non-resident has one, but serious difficulty. When submitting documents, the client must prove his connection with Estonia: availability of real estate, accommodation for relatives, business, education, etc. However, Bank staff will satisfy any suitable document, it is a necessary, but still a formality. If you come to the Bank at all "from the street", it is...

26 July 2015 1 comment 7320
Advice #132

How to receive permanent residence permit in Estonia?

Permanent residence in Estonia is called a "residence permit long-term resident". You have to file a statement of the desire to have permanent residence foreigners permanently living in Estonia the previous five years under a fixed-term (temporary) residence permit, which has permanent legal income of not less than specified by law, with health insurance and those who pass the exam in Estonian.In the period...

26 July 2015 2186
Advice #131

How to receive residence permit in Estonia?

The Republic of Estonia recognizes several reasons for requests for term (temporary) residence permit by foreigners from countries outside the EU. Most of them refers to different versions of family reunification; it is also possible to obtain a residence permit based on study, work, "significant public interest" (in fact - witnesses ready to testify in Estonia) and in entrepreneurship.To be able to request...

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Advice #130

How to register a company in Estonia?

The most popular organizational form for a small company in Estonia is Osauhing (OU), the analogue of the Russian LLC. In addition, entrepreneurs can register a public limited company (Aktsiaselts, AS).There are not any restrictions for foreigners to register a business in Estonia. The minimum size of the share capital in OU is 2500 euros, but according to the Estonian laws do not need to make it either...

26 July 2015 2925
Advice #122

How to receive mortgage in Estonia?

Non - resident foreigners from the third countries (not EU) have almost the same rights to purchase property as citizens of Estonia. The exception is the purchase of agricultural land and forest area of over 10 hectares, and land (including land for private houses) in the border area and some small Islands.It is important to remember that a notary, including the preliminary agreement of intent, must certify...

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Advice #97

Peculiarities of the tax system of Estonia

Despite the fact that almost all European countries are committed to the unity of laws and integration in the areas of economic and social policies, tax systems of European countries do not differ with unity.Russian analysts of the consulting company "Texart Group researched the tax system 38 European countries with developed market economies, and weak, still "wobbly" after the collapse of the socialist...

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