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How to buy apartment in Czech Republic

It is very easy to buy an apartment in the Czech Republic. Enter the real estate section of the largest Czech search engine Seznam, select the object you like and contact the buyer, agree on a visiting. In order to become the owner of the apartment, house or castle (they are inexpensive) in the Czech Republic, a residence permit is not necessary, just Russian or Ukrainian passport. If you hesitate about...

Czech Republic 
24 July 2015 3506
Advice #93

Peculiarities of the tax system of the Czech Republic

Despite the fact that almost all European countries aim to the unity of laws and integration in the areas of economic and social policies, tax systems of European countries do not differ with unity.Russian analysts of the consulting company “TexArt Group” researched the tax system of 38 European countries with developed market economies, and weak, still “wobbly” after the collapse of...

Czech Republic 
26 July 2015 10302
Advice #48

How to receive a loan for the development of small and medium business in Czech Republic?

Global experience has shown that successful business development is possible only if there is a deliberate and consistent policy of the state aimed at creating favorable conditions for businesses, especially for small and medium enterprises (SME).The SME sector is the main source of new job creation in the modern economy. In industrialized countries, accounting for 50-60% of all employment, and up to 70-80%...

Czech Republic 
26 July 2015 7592
Advice #21

How to open a company in Czech Republic?

The most common and simple registration form of commercial legal entities in the Czech Republic is společnost s ručením omezeným (analogue of the Russian "society with limited liability"). The minimum share capital for a company is 1 Czech Koruna, the minimum number of participants is 1 person.In contrast to the Russian practice, in the Czech Republic there is no concept of “Charter of...

Czech Republic 
26 July 2015 2819
Advice #20

How to receive permanent residence in Czech Republic?

Permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic can be queried based on at least a five-year residence in the territory of the Czech Republic; to reunify the family; in the case of special state interest in this person, and if the alien has Czech roots. Permanent residence in the Czech Republic is once and forever, but every 10 years card with biometric data must be replaced with a new one. This process is...

Czech Republic 
26 July 2015 2298
Advice #19

How to receive residence permit in Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is not an emigration country, the government and people of the Republic do not encourage emigration, so the process of moving to the Czech Republic are not simple. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible in it either. Accommodation of a foreigner from outside the EU in the Czech Republic is possible on the basis of family reunification, study, sport, work in a Czech company or running own...

Czech Republic 
26 July 2015 2444
Advice #18

How to receive mortgage in Czech Republic?

In the Czech Republic foreigners with permanent residence, and without it can get mortgage loan on any individual and the firm. The less people linked with the Czech Republic, the higher will be the mortgage rate and the required down payment for the property. In the absence of the borrower's income in the Czech Republic and the right to long-term or permanent residence, the probability to get a loan...

Czech Republic 
26 July 2015 2371
Advice #17

How to release a debit card in Czech Republic?

Debit cards in the Czech Republic are issued when opening any personal Bank account, there are not any additional requirements for clients to receive cards in the Czech banks. The majority of banks offers a choice of VISA and Mastercard, but some is of only one system. In some banks, it is possible to order the American Express card. Czechs mostly use the most simple cards level Electron - it is quite...

Czech Republic 
26 July 2015 2746
Advice #16

How to open a Bank account in Czech Republic?

In most cases, there are not any problems when opening a personal Bank account in the Czech Republic, the Russians will not occur: Czech banks are loyal Russian tourists and Russians permanently living in the Czech Republic. Theoretically, failure or apparent reluctance to open an account can be found, but it is likely to be related to internal rules and habits of a particular Bank branch. In this case, it...

Czech Republic 
26 July 2015 5122
Advice #15

How to choose a Bank in Czech Republic?

In the Czech Republic in total there are 45 local and foreign banks (in contrast to Russia, there may be the presence of foreign banks of branches and not subsidiaries), but actively works with clients about two dozen. They can be divided into three categories: large, medium and small. The former include ČSOB, Česká spořitelna, Komerční banka. To the second - UniCredit, Raiffeisenbank, GE...

Czech Republic 
26 July 2015 2449

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