How to register a company in Germany?

Registration is the most common form of company in Germany - GmbH (similar to a Russian LLC) consists of two main stages: the signing of the notary deed and insertion of information about the company in the commercial register.

The co-founders and Directors of such firms can be any person, including foreigners, the only condition is that the German legal address, which, however, usually provided by the firm, assisting in registration, or tax lawyer. The notary it is necessary to transmit the data it will ask for (personal data of the founders, the name of the future company, legal address, the size of the authorized capital, etc.). The notary will propose a standard package of constituent documents (the Charter and the decision on the establishment), if necessary, make changes. This correspondence may be carried out by e-mail. After preliminary approval of all details, the notary will call the meeting and the list of documents that you must bring with you.

Upon registration of the company must attend at least one founder (the rest can grant power of attorney) and Director. The process of signing of constituent documents takes half an hour. Notary services cost 600-700 euros. After this, we need to open a Bank account to Deposit the share capital. Minimum capital GmbH - 25 thousand euros, but initially it helps to make only half.

The confirmation of the capital contributions is transferred to the notary, who forwards all documents to the Trade register. After entering the details of the company in the register, which takes 2-5 weeks and costs 200 euros, the company must obtain a tax number in the tax office and register at the local municipality.



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