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How to receive residence permit in Germany?

Residence permit in Germany, among others, can be received based on opening and doing business, income on well-paid job or by combining these methods. Currently the law does not set minimum required parameters of the company, are opening or purchased by the applicant for a residence permit. It helps to have a quality business plan, sufficient to start the activities of the funds and show the potential usefulness of business for the German economy. However, officially it is advisable to invest in the business more than 250 thousand euros and open 5 jobs for local residents. When implementing these recommendations, the likelihood of issuing a residence permit increases.

The second method is obtaining a "blue card EU". It is issued to highly skilled staff of German companies with a higher education and a salary of from about 4 thousand Euro a month (minus taxes). In both cases, the job seeker a residence permit does not require knowledge of the German language, but having to rely on the rapid acquisition of permanent residence.

Traditional for Russians, the method of obtaining a residence permit in Germany combines both of the above options. First opened firm, which invested some money, after that company founder or the spouse is a Director and receives a "blue card EU" highly skilled employee. This requires to have higher education, work experience of five years and an employment contract with the company for a period of not less than 12 months and salary of 45 thousand Euro per year. Other family members receive a residence permit based on "family reunification".

Initially, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany is served form future Expat and business plan. The documents are examined for 2-4 months. Upon their successful completion of the foreigner receives a three-month visa, coming to Germany and submits to the office for foreigners other documents: proof of residence, medical insurance, a contract with the firm and confirmation of the tax and social security contributions. On the basis of these documents a residence permit is granted for 1 year. In a year the right for temporary residence is extended.

Firm for about two years, pays the Director's salary, as well as making all necessary social and tax payments. When all conditions are met the Director of the company in 21 months (in the absence of knowledge of the language through 33 months) has the opportunity to submit a petition for granting the right of permanent residence in Germany.



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