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How to receive permanent residence permit in Germany?

The right to permanent residence in Germany can be obtained based on legal stay in the country for 5 years. For the foreigners in Germany with a residence permit on the basis of business minimum stay reduces to 3 years, and for the winner of the "blue card" with language skills at level B1 of up to 21 months (without knowing the language - 33 months). When deciding on issuing permanent residence is carried out due diligence to ensure that the company operates successfully and in accordance with the business plan submitted with the receipt of the alien's residence permit.

In addition to tenure when deciding on issuing permanent residence is taken into account the material condition of the family income must be sufficient so that the family has not had even a theoretical possibility to ask for social benefits. This amount depends on many factors and is calculated in each case separately. In addition, the applicant must pay pension contributions (however, if there is a salary, they are paid). Local bodies of the aliens may request other documents, especially in the event of any suspicion about the validity of the securities in the standard package.

The holder of a permanent residence may be denied, unless in Germany for more than 6 consecutive months without good cause and prevention of the bodies of the aliens. While formal appearance in Germany every few months may not help: if the body of the aliens decide that the absence is not temporary nature, permanent residence may be revoked. The argument to this may be, for example, absence of the foreigner's contract of rental housing in Germany.



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