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How to receive residence permit in Estonia?

The Republic of Estonia recognizes several reasons for requests for term (temporary) residence permit by foreigners from countries outside the EU. Most of them refers to different versions of family reunification; it is also possible to obtain a residence permit based on study, work, "significant public interest" (in fact - witnesses ready to testify in Estonia) and in entrepreneurship.

To be able to request a residence permit in Estonia on the basis of business activity, you must be a shareholder or a shareholder of the Estonian company operating for at least 4 months, and invest in its core capital is not less than 65 thousand Euro.

In addition, the company must have a business plan in Estonian or in English, prepared in a certain form. The second option is to be registered as an individual entrepreneur with investments of at least 16 thousand euros (the term refers to the value of the property used for this activity).

If the firm to the time of application has worked at least a year, you can replace documents for the investments with the statements of the company, where there is the annual revenue not less than 200 thousand euros or a certain amount of social tax paid (corresponding to the standard tax is not less than five average annual gross wage in Estonia).

Documents attached to the request for a residence permit in Estonia includes: standard questionnaire with the application; curriculum vitae (prescribed form); a passport; a document confirming education or qualification; proof of amount of investment; the rationale for the applicant's stay in Estonia in the interests of business; the business plan; proof of place of residence in Estonia; proof of income; the insurance contract; a document confirming payment of registration fee of € 160; photo 4*5 cm.

The decision shall be made within two months and is issued for a period up to five years. Actually, the first residence permit will likely be issued for one or two years, but then it can be extended by providing the same documents.

If the entrepreneur expects to receive further permanent residence, he will have at least once to renew a residence permit, to obtain permanent residence; you must reside in Estonia for at least five years and apply for permanent residence no later than two months before expiry of the residence permit.

Temporary residence permit in Estonia based on businesses does not entitle the foreigner to work under someone's leadership. In fact, he has two options: get no wages in Estonia he can only work in his own company; but if any company (including "his") is willing to pay him a higher salary (according to certain rules) for the implementation of managerial work, it also allowed the steering work in any other company for any cost or without it.



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