How to release a debit card in Estonia?

Despite the small banking market in Estonia, offering debit cards in banks is quite wide and varied. The card may be issued when you open a current account or subscribe to a certain package of services, and separately, by opening a special Bank account. The opening of additional or separate from the main account initial cards and the “classic” level will cost the client the largest banks in 2-2.5€, monthly service charges - 0.96 Euro.

However, there are special offers for children, youth and older persons, in which the opening and maintenance of card can be free. Cash withdrawal from ATMs is normally paid (in addition to the ATMs of your Bank); the cost is 1 Euro per transaction up to 2.5% of the transaction amount plus 1 Euro.

From a relatively non-standard proposal there is the possibility of ordering a customized card design and a unique “football” plastic card of one of the smaller banks. The client shall notify the Bank, what team of several hundred local clubs he supports, then 10 cents from every purchase on the card listed on the account team. Instead, the cardholder receives a discount on tickets for home matches and other bonuses.

Conditions of issue of cards for non-residents is similar to the conditions of opening an account: to provide passports and confirmation relations with Estonia in the form of real estate, works, presence of relatives in the country, etc. Enough any formal justification.



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