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How to open a Bank account in Czech Republic?

In most cases, there are not any problems when opening a personal Bank account in the Czech Republic, the Russians will not occur: Czech banks are loyal Russian tourists and Russians permanently living in the Czech Republic. Theoretically, failure or apparent reluctance to open an account can be found, but it is likely to be related to internal rules and habits of a particular Bank branch. In this case, it makes no sense “to seek justice”: it is enough to walk to the other branch of the same Bank or to another Bank where the account will open with pleasure.

In many Bank branches in Prague (especially in the centre and tourist areas), there are staff who speak Russian, including the heads of the departments. Surely in chosen office there is a person (not one), who speaks fluent English or German, so the knowledge of Czech when communicating with employees of banks is not required.

For opening an account you will need a Russian passport, and in some cases, the second document with a photograph and name in Latin. The account opening procedure after the submission of your documents takes half an hour, during which time there is no need to be present in the Department. Any local guarantors, letters of recommendation, proof of funds, etc. are usually not required. If a Bank clerk starts to request such documents, quietly go to another Bank.

In most Czech banks almost all transactions on the account are worth the money. Nevertheless, banks offer competitive packages of services (something like a package that includes a certain number of different actions with the account (payments, withdrawals, SMS notification, access to the Internet banking, etc.). Not included in the package must be paid separately at quite high prices, so the packet will need to choose carefully. Some new banks offer free accounts and big discounts on other services; the same conditions can be obtained from the “old” banks with large volumes of transactions.



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