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How to release a debit card in Czech Republic?

Debit cards in the Czech Republic are issued when opening any personal Bank account, there are not any additional requirements for clients to receive cards in the Czech banks. The majority of banks offers a choice of VISA and Mastercard, but some is of only one system. In some banks, it is possible to order the American Express card. Czechs mostly use the most simple cards level Electron - it is quite enough to make payments in stores and withdraw cash from ATMs. However, recently in the Czech Republic contactless payments with the new card Classic are actively developing, so these cards are becoming more.

Annual maintenance fee is usually included in the “package” cost of banking services under the contract with the Bank and is not allocated to a separate payment. However, the customer can order additional cards, in this case the annual fee for card Classic will be 500-1000 Czech crowns, Gold level - 4-5 thousand Czech crowns per year. Almost any card transaction that goes beyond the "package" of services are paid separately, including change PIN, get cash at ATMs, checking balance, etc.

In addition to standard debit cards the banks have in their product lines offers special cards for women, students, freelancers, etc., different additional terms. In some cases, the customer can order a specific design for the card of your choice from the available options or own. In large banks, it is possible to open a card account in a different currency, in addition to Czech Koruna (Euro, dollars, yen, Danish and Swedish Krone, Swiss franc). As additional services are fee - based or included in the cost of the “package” - banks offer life insurance and health of the client, insurance against loss of money in the account, various bonus programs.



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