How to open a Bank account in Finland?

Formally, Bank accounts in Finland can be opened by any of the citizens of any country, but in reality, there is a limitation: the need to prove to the Bank his relationship with Finland and the need for opening an account in this country. This link may be the availability of real estate, working in Finnish companies, study at a local high school, regular receipt of any income, etc. Just come on a tourist visa to open an account is problematic. In addition, when applying to open an account you must specify the address of permanent residence in Finland, which also complicates the task.

The documents for opening an account includes a valid passport, proof of legality of their stay in Finland, the handshake with Finland (contract for work, student ID, the documents of the company, etc.). Some banks require a certificate of residence and henkilötunnus Finnish personal identification code (foreigner can get it without problems). If the potential client has necessary documents and they will satisfy the employee's Bank account will be opened immediately.

As a rule, when opening an account the customer shall pay to it the cash. This may be related to another problem: the Finnish banks do not like cash, especially in amounts in excess of their current household needs of the people. If you make even a few hundred Euro from the client will be required to explain the origin of this money. Overall, this is nothing more than a formality (it is enough to say that this savings, a gift, or for the remainder of the salary), but without confident answer it can cause denial of service.

Another problem could be the connection of Internet banking - many banks do this only if the client henkilötunnus and local phone number (it come SMS with one-time codes). This issue is clarified in the Bank in advance.

A unique feature is local Nordea: access to the Internet banking here in some cases open after receiving a bill from one to three salaries of the client. In other cases, and to understand the logic of constraints is not possible.



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