How to release a debit card in Finland?

As in most countries, debit card in Finland is not a Bank product and is given as "key" to open the Bank current account of the client. Therefore, there are not additional rules and restrictions for receiving cards compared with opening an account. A card can be ordered at the time of account opening and is made within 10-14 days.

The cost of servicing the debit card in a standard case will be about 2 Euro per month, but banks often offer free services (for example, for young people under 26 years old) or a system of bonuses, significantly reducing the regular cost of a card holder. The largest banks are connected with retailers in which the use of particular Bankcard also entitles you to various discounts, rebates, and kesbeke.

Cash withdrawal with debit cards will cost customers from zero to 2 Euro per transaction (the most expensive options - abroad). Finnish ATMs have an unusual feature: a wide independent network of ATMs Otto (from which all-Finnish banks) card with a chip to be inserted into the blue slot, and no chip - in yellow one.



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