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How to receive residence permit in Finland?

Residence permit in Finland can be received by people hired by the company in that country; those wishing to start a business in Finland, students are here and some other categories of immigrants, and members of their families.

The traditional way of obtaining residence permits for Russians - business emigration, i.e. the business activity in Finland. To obtain a business visa little one desires to do business, you must prove to the authorities that you are able to do, and what your proposed business need Finland.

For applying on the first business visa, you must prepare the following documents: a certificate of type of business and form of activity of the enterprise, and the business plan; forecast turnover calculations for the next two years); proof of accommodation (rental agreement, etc.); a certificate on the financial resources available to the company; a certificate of professional qualification of the entrepreneur; an income statement of the applicant; a certificate of the required number of staff; an extract from the commercial register (certificate of registration); a copy of passport and photo. All these documents are submitted prior to entering Finland.

In fact, for receiving residence permit is required to provide the Finnish state agencies complete a business plan that meets certain standards and is quite realistic. In the event the application is approved, the applicant receives a residence permit for a period of one year. After 11 months in the case of successful development of the business (salaries and taxes) he may apply for extension of residence permit for another year, and then - on a long-term residence permit for 4 years.



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