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How to receive permanent residence permit in Finland?

Anyone legally residing in its territory can receive permanent residence in Finland when following certain formal rules: minimum 4 years of living on long-term residence permit (category A); presence in the country for more than two years in last 4 years; preservation of reasons has been received for a long period of residence permit.

In fact, for the Russians, who came to Finland on a business visa (short-term residence permit for a year which can be renewed for another year, and then obtained long-term residence permit), you must reside in the country for at least 6 years, continuing to do business. A necessary condition for obtaining permanent residence is also of no criminal records in Finland.

In addition to compliance with formal rules, the applicant to receive permanent residence in Finland should send the exam on the knowledge of the Finnish language, the so-called YKI-tests. The exam consists of listening, speaking, and the task for understanding of the text, writing and grammar tasks. Enough to pass the exam at the basic level (A1) providing the ability to communicate in Finnish in everyday situations.



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