How to release a debit card in Denmark?

In Denmark, banks issue three types of debit cards. The simplest and usually free - cash card of a particular Bank. With its help, you can only withdraw money from ATMs. For payments in local stores and receive crowns used in ATMs also usually free card Dankort, which is produced by almost all banks. It operates only in Denmark and in selected stores in the German city of Flensburg (it is located on the border with Denmark).

Finally, international travel and pay for goods in foreign online stores Bank customers can receive customary international cards. Banks also produce hybrid products, for example, VISA/Dankort, which in Denmark acts as Dankort and abroad as VISA. As an additional service, some banks offer customers to release the card with their own design.

The annual fee level cards VISA/Dakort is 150 DKK (20 Euro), cash withdrawals at ATMs - from zero to 35 in their crowns (4.7 Euro) when removing the other currency in foreign ATMs. In the latter case, may charge an additional fee for the exchange is of the order of 1% of the amount.

Upon receipt of the card under the various tariff plans (packages), the cost of maintenance is usually included in the total cost rate, and cash withdrawals can be made at a reduced rate.



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