How to register a company in Denmark?

Registration of analogue closed joint-stock company in Denmark (Anpartsselskab) in the presence of the required documents is extremely easy, and if the applicant is a Danish id, this can be done online, on the website of the registering authority (VIRK). Notarization of the agreement on the establishment of the company and other similar procedures are not required.

Prerequisite - the payment of the share capital in the amount of not less than 50 thousand Danish kroner (about 6700 Euro). As the founder and Director of the company may be a citizen and resident of any country, there are not any restrictions in the case Anpartsselskab.

The documents that must be submitted to the registration authority, is not original: the registration statement, the company's Charter, the agreement on creation and the personal data of the founders. To the package of documents is applied, the confirmation Deposit Charter capital and payment of registration.

Payment of registration of the company is divided into two parts: 2150 Danish kroner (EUR 290) for the registration and 670 CZK (90 Euro) for the services of the site if you use them. If the company intends to pay VAT, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate number; this is also done through the website VIRK.



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