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How to receive residence permit in Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is not an emigration country, the government and people of the Republic do not encourage emigration, so the process of moving to the Czech Republic are not simple. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible in it either. Accommodation of a foreigner from outside the EU in the Czech Republic is possible on the basis of family reunification, study, sport, work in a Czech company or running own business (as an entrepreneur or founder and Director of the company). When moving for business the process of emigration to the Czech Republic consists of several phases, the potential immigrant will have to communicate with the Czech state authorities several times for over 5 years.

The first stage of moving to the Czech Republic is obtaining long-term visas valid for over 90 days. This visa allows you to live in the Czech Republic for 190 days during the year. One of the grounds for obtaining such a visa can be the Foundation of the firm and the lesson in it Director. Shortly before the expiration of this visa the applicant may file a petition for obtaining the right to temporary residence in the country, it is a separate document in the form of a plastic card with photo and passport details. This document is issued for two years. After two years, you can file another similar statement. Theoretically, you can live in the Czech Republic, every two years by submitting a new application, but this means that there would be a likelihood of unexpected failure on the part of the Ministry of internal Affairs with the subsequent departure from the country.

To apply for temporary residence in the Czech Republic the following documents are required: application form; passport; 2 photos 3.5*4.5 cm; extract from the Trade register of the Czech Republic on registration of the company; authorization to work in the company; the instrument of financial support (110 thousand CZK in any currency - the statement from the Bank and if the Bank is not in the Czech Republic - copy of the valid payment card); proof of residence (lease agreement for a period of stay), certificate of no criminal record in Russia. All documents must be translated into Czech certified by a Czech notary.



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