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How to receive residence permit in Denmark?

Unlike other European countries, Denmark has several specialized programs (here they are called “schemes”) of immigration based on getting a job or opening a business. Each of these schemes has its own set of requirements documents and the identity of the foreigner applying for a residence permit. A green card (work permit) can get high-qualified professionals seeking work in Denmark. If a professional has scarce for Denmark profession, he can use the scheme Positive List, which simplifies the process of immigration. If a Danish company invite a person to a position with a very high salary (above a fixed level), then in this case you can use the scheme Pay Limit.

Also in Denmark there is a special list of companies authorized to invite employees on a simplified variant of diagram of Fast track. Finally, for the founders of the business have a separate scheme Start-up Denmark. In addition, there is the possibility of immigration to Denmark on General grounds connected with work or business, are not included in existing standard schemes, as well as for very specialized variants of this type of work on farms or drilling platforms.

The easiest, although relatively expensive way almost guaranteed to obtain a residence permit and later permanent residence in Denmark - Pay scheme Limit. Unlike most other options, there are no restrictions for the applicant in the form of education, profession, etc. The only requirement is a valid contract with a Danish company with an annual salary of not less than 375 thousand Danish kroner (50 thousand euros) before taxes (a few more). Accordingly, nothing prevents first register or buy a company in Denmark, and then to enter into the contract by paying money, in fact, himself.

If the contract is indefinite, the residence permit is issued for 4.5 years. If the contract is concluded for a shorter period, the residence permit is issued for the term of the contract and 0.5 years, during which time you can look for a new job. Upon the termination of his residence permit can be extended for another term. During the period of validity of the residence permit has to be paid, it must pay taxes and social contributions.

Together with the applicant can obtain a residence permit, the family members, including spouse (even if there is no marriage, but there is a proof of living together for more than 18 months) and children up to 18 years. The cost of application is DKK 3250 or 436 Euro.



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