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How to receive permanent residence permit in Denmark?

The right to permanent residence in Denmark is granted to those who has lived in the country based on a residence permit for at least five years and meets several criteria:

has no criminal record; has no overdue debts to the state (mainly talking about taxes as well as received and not refunded the social security payments that exceed the prescribed size). Debts to the banks, and so not taken into account; received no social security payments for three years before applying for permanent residence; has a permanent full-time job (plus there are options with study).

In addition, before applying for permanent residency you must pass the exam on the knowledge of the Danish language at a basic level, and sign a commitment on the integration and active participation in the life of the Danish society.

Theoretically, even if the applicant does not meet certain requirement, he may apply for permanent residence, which will be considered in a special manner. In addition, nothing prevents to apply for the renewal of temporary residence permit, and then, after compliance with all the parameters, to request permanent residence. The cost of filing the application for permanent residence is 5450 DKK or 732 Euro.



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