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How to receive permanent residence in Czech Republic?

Permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic can be queried based on at least a five-year residence in the territory of the Czech Republic; to reunify the family; in the case of special state interest in this person, and if the alien has Czech roots. Permanent residence in the Czech Republic is once and forever, but every 10 years card with biometric data must be replaced with a new one. This process is purely technical; it does not create problems for foreigners.

After five years of continuous and legal residence in the Czech Republic a potential immigrant can apply for obtaining the right of permanent residence in the Czech Republic. The application is supported by the following documents: passport; proof five-year period of permanent residence in the Czech Republic (if requested when filing the application); 2 photos 3.5*4.5 cm; proof of residence in the Czech Republic (rental agreement or extract from the cadaster of real estate ownership housing); proof of sufficient income (defined by applicable laws); the certificate of the exam in the Czech language. Also, with a corresponding requirement officials need to provide proof of no criminal record. In reality, the documents wider, because in each case you may need additional documents confirming the sufficiency of the basic documents (for example, to confirm income couples require confirmation that the couple - family, i.e. marriage certificate, etc.).

A fundamentally important point: under no circumstances (including real doing business in the Czech Republic) does not give an unconditional right to reside in the country. To retrieve a document that allows you to stay on the territory of the Czech Republic, is required to prove to the officials of the Ministry of interior as the need of the foreigner's stay in the country for him (i.e. that the business without it is impossible to conduct), and the need for it to stay in the country (i.e. he does a real business, creates jobs and pays taxes). Police has the right to check the work of the company; to request a variety of additional documents confirming the activities of the applicant; to ensure that its vital interests are strongly associated with the Czech Republic.



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