How to open an account in Hungary?

Any foreigner can open a Bank account in the Hungarian without any problems and restrictions. All you will need is your passport and proof of your legal residency status in the country. The procedure takes from one to several hours, so you can usually stay within one working day.

When filling out the questionnaire may need to specify the address of residence in Hungary - fit including temporary address. Debit card to your account, you need to get through a few days in the same Bank branch or by mail.

Hungarian banks offer comprehensive customer service, including maintenance of a current account, debit card, access to the Internet banking and a certain amount of "free" operations. Every Bank has few tariffs, which differ mainly in the number of transfers and cash withdrawals. When exceeding these limits will have to pay extra money for each transaction.

The cost of a monthly package service is approximately from 500 to 2000 HUF (1,5-6 Euro). You should carefully study the tariff offers of the banks, as there are options, which provide for the payments for cash withdrawal in ATMs of the Bank.



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