How to receive mortgage in Hungary?

Receiving mortgage in Hungary for the Russians is possible, though not very profitable compared to other European countries. The Hungarian savings Bank (member of the Russian group) gives the Russians the mortgage loans on the following terms: currency - forints; amount - up to 50% of the property value, up to 20 million forints (66 thousand Euro); rate - variable, BUBOR (about 2% at the beginning of 2015) plus a mark-up of the Bank (personal for each customer, on average, above 5 p. p.), changing every 6 months; deadline - 12-240 months.

Foreign banks operating in Hungary, can issue a mortgage loan in Euro, but also in pretty tough conditions and on the amount and rate of (real - to 8-9% per annum, whatever they wrote in the advertisement).

A key requirement of banks to mortgage the deal (besides the obvious confirmation of the client's income) - the lack of the property of any encumbrances, and the borrower - problems with credit in the past three years. Additional costs on the mortgage is part of the complete insurance on the property (several hundred euros in the normal version) and assessment services housing Bank. In addition, the purchase of real estate subject to taxes and duties (up to 5.5% of the amount, the percentage depends on the price) and requires expenditures for services of agents and attorneys (6-8% of the total).



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