How to register a company in Hungary?

The process of business registration in Hungary for potential entrepreneurs is extremely simplified. All training registration are only lawyers with the relevant law. The most common form of small business in the country - Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag (KFT), i.e. the limited liability company. A founder of KFT may be one person, he can be a Director.

The founders of the firm inform the lawyer who will be engaged in registration of all necessary data: their names and maiden names of mothers, passport numbers, address of residence (abroad), future legal address of company (in Hungary), the real local address to receive mail (this may be the apartment of a Trustee, the name, activities, distribution of shares in the share capital.

The attorney will draw up the Charter and other required documents, the founders sign them in his presence. After this, a Bank account to Deposit the share capital. Since 2014 the minimum authorized capital KFT is 3 million forints (about 10 Euro), you can initially make half, the rest in the course of the year. After that, stamp duty paid for registration - 15 thousand forints (about 50 Euro) and the payment to the Registrar - 5 thousand forints (about 7 Euro).

All documents, including Bank certificate and the payment receipt of the fee, the lawyer sends to the registration authority, which in a few days makes the decision on registration of the company (or refusal) and to grant it a tax number. Cost of services of different lawyers is different, but generally, you can count on about $ 150 thousand forints (about 500 Euro).



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