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How to receive residence permit in Hungary?

In Hungary, unlike other European countries, the availability of real estate is a major reason for receiving temporary residence permit. Residence permit in this case is not issued automatically, but when the formalities of the particular problems with receiving it should not be. Moreover, sufficient may prove even the existence of a contract of lease of housing. The basis for receiving residence permit may also be opening your own business.

The documents for the visa category " D "on other grounds with the length of stay over 90 days to 1 year includes: personal papers served (passport, marriage certificate, photograph etc.), information about Bank accounts for the last three months, coverage for a year with coverage of 30 thousand Euro, copies of tickets to Hungary and evidence of residence in the country - estate purchase agreement with the statement from the Hungarian registry of property or the tenancy agreement.

It is very desirable to include in the package any documents confirming the high permanent income of the applicant - salary slips (if the applicant continues to work, for example, remotely), Bank statements of contributions with regular interest, the contract for the lease of the Russian housing, etc. is paid the visa fee is 60 Euro.

After some time, the applicant invited for an interview, the main purpose of which is to ensure that the person has sufficient means of subsistence in Hungary, and his goals of moving pose no danger to the country. In the case of a positive decision the applicant is coming to Hungary, where should as soon as possible to apply to the immigration authority, since the term first stay limited to 30 days. The documents to rebuild is not necessary, this statement is more a formality.

If all goes well, until the expiration of 30 days the applicant receives a permit to stay in Hungary for a period of 12 months. After 11 months, it needs to be extended, providing roughly the same set of documents, except for confirmation of income sources and tickets Hungary. The second long-term visa is usually three years.



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