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How to receive permanent residence in Hungary?

Aliens who have legally lived in the country for at least three years may receive the right to permanent residence in Hungary, not leaving it without the urgent need (documented) more than 45 days per year.

In addition, as in the case of receiving residence permit, you must provide to the immigration authority proof of sufficient income (it is not formally defined, but it is believed that amounts of about 500-600 Euro per month per family member is enough) and place of residence - extracts from the register on availability of own real estate, or at least show the rental agreement.

If a foreigner moved to Hungary on the basis of starting his own company, he must confirm that the base remained in force: the company works, pays taxes and wages. In the case of the entry for "other reasons" (in fact - ownership of real estate), there is no such requirement, but the income is still have to show, for example, in the form of Bank statements by the movements of funds for the last three months.



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