How to register a company in Cyprus?

Business registration in Cyprus in the interests of clients engaged in hundreds ecological companies on the island and abroad. The full procedure cost about 2-2.5 thousand euros, including all payments to the state. If the Registrar asks for much less, is nothing more than bait advertising (then still have to pay extra), if there is an attempt to get unreasonably high profits.

If you wish, you can register a company in Cyprus on your own. The first phase of registration is checking uniqueness of company name. It is produced in the context of the service "one window" for entrepreneurs One Stop Shop & Point of Single Contact or in the registration office Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver. The verification procedure is worth 10 euros, if the client is willing to wait up to one month, and 30 Euro in fast version to one day. To avoid mistakes, you should verify the company name in the registry on the Internet.

Then the registration of the company begins. There are two kinds of companies - private and public. A private company can have from 1 to 50 shareholders and its shares cannot be offered for sale. In a public company must have at least seven shareholders, the shares can be freely sold.

To the registration the certified lawyer gives documents, forms of which can be downloaded from the website: statement on the establishment of the company, confirmation of the legal address, the questionnaire of the Director (s) and Secretary, Constitution and receipt of payment multiple payments: 105 Euro plus tax of 0.6% of the share capital (for Cypriot companies there is no minimum capital) and € 60 for the execution of additional documents.

Additionally, you can pay 100 Euro for speeding up the process and 220 Euro for a paper registration certificate. Normal procedure takes a month, Express - 3 days. After registration of the company should get a tax code from the tax office, after that all procedures will be completed.



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