How to release a debit card in Cyprus?

Cypriot banks are unexpected variety of offers of debit cards (unlike current accounts). Every major Bank has a line of almost a dozen variants: cards for young people, frequent flyer (miles), for football fans, a few local clubs, as well as regular, gold, platinum and prepaid cards.

It is not difficult to get a card when you open a current account or later to fill out the form, any restrictions on the user (in addition to age, there is a proposal for 13-year card users) are not imposed. Card Classic is issued either for free (Bank of Cyprus), or 10 Euro per year.

Cash withdrawal in ATMs of your Bank is usually free, a stranger in Cyprus  can cost a couple of Euro for the operation, and when removing abroad in another currency converted with the Commission of 1-2. 5%. A prepaid card in Hellenic Bank is 2.5 to 5 Euro per year, you can fill it directly from ATMs.

Some banks issue cards not only in Euro, but also in dollars and, accordingly, the commissions are calculated in dollars. “Gold” cards will cost 42, 5-45 Euro per year, platinum is twice the price. Service of the second card linked to the same account, will cost about half as much.



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