How to issue a debit card in Portugal?

The Portuguese banks issue the debit cards free of charge within a few days after opening the account. You can pick them up in person at a bank department or order a home delivery. Before you will need to spend a lot of time to choose which card to tie to the account. Formally, all types of debit cards are issued in Portugal, but service packages tied to them are extremely various. Local banks are willing to issue cards that serve all categories of citizens: for example, there are cards designed just for women, people aged 18 to 30 years, students, travelers. Each card has its advantages and usage terms. Rates for card servicing are also different, and range from EUR 12 to 25 per year. The system of prepaid cards  is widespread in Portugal. They are issued free of charge at the customer's request. No more than EUR 500 can be deposited to them, and annual servicing of these cards will cost EUR 5-7. The bank's bonus system often applies to these cards. For example, you can get a free movie ticket for using a prepaid card.



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