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How to get a residence permit in Portugal?

First of all, any foreigner planning to live in Portugal for more than three months must obtain a resident card (Autorização de Residência). It is issued by the Department of Immigration at the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the basis of confirmation of the need for a long stay in the country (establishment of the company is just such basis). After receiving this card, it is already possible to apply for a residence permit. The reason for obtaining a temporary residence permit will be a purchase of real estate for the amount of EUR 500 thousand , opening of the account in the Portuguese bank in the amount of at least EUR 1 million, or 10 jobs provided to the Portugese citizens. In addition to the confirmation of one of the above facts, the applicant will need to write an application for a residence permit and submit the passport, resident's card, earnings certificate, proof of residence in Portugal and two colour photographs to the Department of Immigration. For issuance of a residence permit, you will also need to pay a fee of EUR 300. The residence permit is issued within a month and is initially granted for one year. Upon the expiration of this period, the residence permit can be extended twice - both times for two years. After five years of residence in Portugal under the residence permit, a foreigner can apply for a permanent residence.



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