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How to get permanent residence in Portugal?

The procedure for registration of permanent residence in Portugal is not much different from obtaining a temporary residence permit. The main condition for this is the availability of  considerable resources with the applicant and willingness to invest in the Portuguese economy. For the foreigners, there are three ways: acquisition of real estate in the amount of EUR 500 thousand, EUR 1 million on the account in a Portuguese bank or operating company providing at least 10 jobs to the Portuguese. In addition, those foreigners that are willing to invest in remote areas of Portugal are particularly appreciated. Establishing  companies there, contributing to the development of the egions, is welcomed and foreigners are even granted privileges (for example, permanent residence can be obtained for the purchase of real estate in these areas in the amount of EUR 350 thousand instead of EUR 500 thousand).Documents for permanent residence can be submitted after five years of residence in Portugal under a temporary residence permit. In addition to the standard package of documents (passport, two photos, resident's card, tax card, earnings certificate, proof of residence), the foreigner applying for permanent residence in Portugal will have to confirm knowledge of the Portuguese language (level A2) and the absence of convictions. Moreover, the applicant must pay the fee of EUR 500 .Permanent residence card is valid for five years and is extended automatically in case there are no changes in the status of a resident.



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