How to open an account in Malta?

Maltese banks spend a lot of effort to attract customers. Many of them have a variety of package offers. In addition, local banks often introduce their own incentive systems: some "tie" travel and other types of insurance to the accounts, offer discounts for accommodation in partner hotels, shopping in partner shops, etc.Local bankers are favourably disposed to opening of accounts by the foreigners. It is easy to do here, and the whole procedure of opening an account will not take more than a week. To open an account with a Maltese bank the foreigner will need to submit a passport, a few recently paid local utility bills (as proof of residence), a work permit and a statement of account from the previous bank. It should also be borne in mind that some banks are willing to open an account for the customer, who has not yet finished the procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit.Almost all Maltese banks offer mobile and on-line banking. And in most of them, these services are free-of-charge for the customers.



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