How to issue a debit card in Malta?

Maltese banks issue debit card simultaneously with the opening of the current or savings account. It can be obtained free of charge at the bank department or yoy can order home delivery for an extra charge (EUR 10-20 depending on the bank). No minimum deposit is required for the issue of debit cards. Debit card servicing in Malta is fairly cheap - EUR 7-10 per year. Some banks (for example, Banif) do not charge any fees for annual maintenance. Each bank has its own Maltese restrictions on cash withdrawals at ATMs, but on the average, you can withdraw about a thousand euros a day from your debit card.On the island, there are all types of debit cards. Many ATMs can be found in hotels, at shopping centers and, of course, in the bank departments themselves. Maltese banks often enter into partnerships with each other, so you should see a list of partners on the bank's website in order to know what ATMs allow banks to withdraw money from the account without any fee.



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