How to register a company in Malta?

The most common types of business in Malta private company limited by shares and individual entrepreneurship. In the first case, you will have to spend a lot of time on paperwork, but it's worth it, because the conditions of doing business on the island are the most favourable. To register a private company, you need to join one of the business programs operating in Malta, apply for registration of the company in the register of companies (this can be done online at, open a corporate account and receive confirmation from the bank on the availability of funds to pay the registration fee (depending on the amount of the authorized capital from EUR 350 to EUR 1,750), and register with the tax authorities. The standard package of documents shall also include identity document and a permit for a long-term stay in Malta (or D type visa). Moreover, the applicant may be requested to confirm the feasibility of establishing the company. In the case of an individual entrepreneurship you shall register with the employment service and obtain a license for a particular type of business. Other requirements are the same as for registration of a private joint-stock company.



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