How to get a residence permit in Malta?

Malta does not provide a residence permit in the usual sense. Instead, the foreigners can apply for long-term resident status. It is provided for five years. Global Resident Program (GRP), designed exclusively for the citizens of those countries that are not EU members has been in place in Malta since 2013. It provides an opportunity to obtain the resident status to people who have bought property on the island for at least EUR 275,000 and will pay an annual tax of 15,000 per person (EUR 20 thousand for a married couple). The basis for granting a five-year resident status is also documented willingness of the applicant to invest in business in Malta for at least 100 USD thousand . If the residents complies with all conditions, upon the expiry his status is automatically extended. The document package shall include a valid passport, two colour photos, birth certificate, proof of purchase of real estate, tax return and completed application form. All documents must be translated into English and notarized. Registration of the resident status will cost four thousand euros.



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