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How to get permanent residence in Malta?

Malta does not provide permanent residence for indefinite period. However, foreign nationals wishing to emigrate to the island can get the citizenship of the country. It is provided solely on the basis of contributions and investment in the Malta's economy. There are several options for the size and format of such contributions: at least EUR 150 thousand in stocks, bonds, secured debt obligations of the Maltese companies; at least EUR 350 thousand invested in the purchase of real estate, or at least EUR 16 thousand invested in the long-term lease of property (five years); EUR 650 thousand euros paid as a lump sum. In addition to these investments, the applicant must provide a completed application form, passport, tax returns, medical insurance and confirm the fact of residing on the island for at least 183 days a year. The documents for citizenship are submitted strictly through specialized law firms entitled to carry out all necessary inspections and submit documents on behalf of the applicant. The procedure for registration of citizenship lasts for at least six months (in some cases it can take up to two years).



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