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How to receive residence permit in Ireland?

To receive residence permit in Ireland it is not as difficult as it seems, although, of course, has its price. Therefore, when you receive a residence permit based on doing business, the authorized capital of the future company must be not less than 300 thousand euros. The higher it is, the more likely it is that the period of the first residence permit will be three years instead of six months.

Good help in getting a residence permit will be a guarantee of employment with a salary of 204 Euro at least two citizens of Ireland. A simpler procedure for obtaining a residence permit in the case that the applicant will enter into a formal business partnership with a resident of Ireland. In this case, his equity participation must not be less than 150 thousand Euro.

In addition to confirming your financial status, the applicant must also provide the police for foreigners valid passport, the application for granting a residence permit, a certificate of registration by place of residence and paid receipt for the sum of 300 Euro (for the processing of documents and issuance of registration certificate). After a three-year residence permit, you can apply for its renewal for other two years.



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