How to register a company in Ireland?

Ireland is a good place for doing business. Corporate tax is low here; in addition, Ireland is the only English speaking member country of the European currency area.

To register the company in Ireland, foreigners must submit to the Ministry of justice the application for a permit to conduct business. You must also enter one of two programs designed for foreign businesspersons: the program business immigration or program for startups. In the first case, you have to prove the presence of 300 thousand Euro and confirm that they were earned legally. In the second case, because the applicant should be not less than 75 thousand Euro. In both cases, it is desirable to present the detailed business plan where the intention of the applicant to provide at least two jobs to citizens of Ireland is spelled out clearly.

In addition, you must provide data on credit history, the permission to work in Ireland and pay a fee of 350 Euro.



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