How to choose a Bank in Ireland?

Two of the largest Bank in Ireland are AIB and Bank of Ireland. There are representative offices of foreign banks in the country, of course, but they are not as many as I would like.

When choosing a Bank you should pay attention to some local peculiarities. Therefore, not all Irish banks issue debit cards at the same time with opening of the account. Some banks offer relatively high interest rates for cash withdrawals at ATMs. In addition, opening an account may take a month that should be taken into account when choosing a Bank.

Meanwhile, despite bureaucratic delays, Irish banks are doing everything to attract customers. Some offer cash incentives (usually 1%) for purchases on credit cards in the grocery stores; others are administered for a long period (up to three months) grace period of loan repayment. Important detail: not all banks in the country provide customers with an adequate Internet banking. So you should compare banks online services in advance.



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