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How to open an account in an Irish Bank?

To open an account in an Irish Bank it is not more difficult than in the banks in many other countries. However, the features in the banking system of Ireland. For example, opening an account usually takes quite a long time (from three weeks to a month and a half). Therefore, when submitting the application, you should be patient.

Irish banks require from the applicant a standard package of documents: the application for opening the account, proof of residency in the country (paid for by applicant telephone or utility bill), a valid passport, Irish law or a permit for temporary or permanent residence in Ireland. Opening corporate Bank account will additionally require a certificate of legal entity registration, memorandum and articles of association of the company, a statement from the Board of Directors of the company confirming the necessity of opening the account. In some cases, the Bank may require the foreigner confirmation of the credit history at home.



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