How to release a debit card in Ireland?

Until recently, Ireland had its own system of debit cards - the so-called Laser Card. Nevertheless, now the country has gone to work with debit and credit cards Visa. In most cases, a debit card issued by Bank free in the package of the contract issued to the client after account opening. Depending on the type of package agreement, the Bank may ask the client to Deposit certain amount (usually around 500 Euro).

Further service card will cost about 20 Euro per year (depending on the Bank). The package of services includes mobile and Internet banking, current and Deposit accounts. Bank of Ireland and AIB also charge customers 20 cents for each transaction. In addition, debit cards are charged annually the government tax of 2.5 Euro. The same amount of money in many banks charge for use of ATMs for cash withdrawal.

Prepaid cards will help to avoid these expenses. Depending on their type, the owner will have to pay 4 Euro (for registration) to 10 Euro (for annual service). All transactions on these cards are free of charge, and to arrange, for example, a card Swirl in five minutes on a special website.



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How to release a debit card in Ireland?
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