How to receive mortgage in Ireland?

Ireland generously gives mortgages to foreigners. However, to ensure that the Bank considered the possibility of registration of the mortgage, the applicant must have resided in the country for at least four years. Another condition for cooperation with one of the local law firms that will undertake all the necessary checks and enter into contracts in the transaction.

Irish banks are ready to give the foreigner an amount of 60% of the cost of housing. The loan is issued at 5% -7% per annum. To get it, you must fill out an application, prove your income, to provide a valid passport, residence permit and work permit in Ireland. Some banks also require their clients’ life insurance and real estate.

During processing the loan, the applicant will be faced with many different additional costs such as attorney's fees (usually 1%-2% of the transaction amount, but sometimes the law firm appoint a fixed fee in the amount of one thousand euros), payment of registration of the contract (in case of purchase of housing on the primary market) in the amount of 500 EUR plus (in the case of re-registration of ownership to the new owner) 400-800 Euro. Payment for services all graders - 100-150 Euro.

Consideration of an application for a mortgage loan borrowing from the Bank is not less than seven days.



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