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How to receive residence permit in Greece?

To receive Greek residence permit is quite difficult: most sites say it is impossible to do without marriage with a citizen of Greece. However, large-scale financial crisis has led to the fact that the country has opened up the possibility of obtaining a residence permit to people who are ready to buy Greece property and is able to confirm their regular income. However, time on paperwork will take a lot.

First, you need to receive long-term national visa (type D)in the Greek Consulate, documented by confirming its intention to purchase property in the amount of 250 thousand Euro and above (a letter from the seller and Greek law firm may be such evidence). Upon arrival into the country, you must submit a petition on granting a residence permit. In the package of documents you must have the certificate of acquisition of property in the required amount, proof of income (not less than two thousand euros a month) or a deposit of 24 thousand Euro in a Greek Bank, the application for obtaining a residence permit, valid passport and its copy, two photos of passport, medical insurance, Greek social insurance number.

Consideration of the application lasts about a month. The residence permit is issued for a year.



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