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How to receive permanent residence permit in Greece?

Since 2013, the foreigners living in Greece are eligible to apply for permanent residence if they are going to do business in the country and invest in the local economy. Moreover, in comparison with many other Western European countries, the price is relatively low: the applicant will have to pay not less than 300 thousand euros at a time. Another option is to find a way to make annual investments in the amount of 60 thousand Euro and have the same amount in the account in a Greek Bank.

In addition, the business must confirm the intention to recruit at least 10 people, of which 30% will be citizens of Greece. In addition, they need to provide the Greek authorities with a detailed business plan of the company. Other documents - such as when applying for a residence permit: application, valid passport and its copy, two photos of passport, medical insurance and the Greek social insurance number. Permanent residence permit is issued for a period of five years.



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